The Legal and Financial Consequences of a DUI in Illinois or an OWI in Wisconsin Explained by an Illinois and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney


DUI and OWI laws are complicated and ever changing and as a result there a person being charged with these offense may feel confused and overwhelmed. The purpose of this blog is to arm potential clients with reliable information from the Illinois Secretary of State and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Any attorney you consider hiring should already be familiar with these laws and procedures, and hiring an attorney should not be done hastily. Research attorneys at, an independent website that evaluates all attorneys in a manner similar to how YELP may review restaurants or other businesses.

As a former prosecutor I have expertly prosecuted thousands of DUI cases and am able to evaluate any case I am presented and quickly determine the best course of action for a client in Illinois or Wisconsin. Sometimes that advice is to go to trial and fight a case and other times a negotiated plea may be the best option, but rest assured my clients make educated and informed decisions about their cases as I treat each case with the time and attention it deserves.  I leave no questions unanswered. Additionally, for an Illinois driver the consequences of a Wisconsin OWI conviction can be severe. I am experienced in handling cases in both states and have been published in the Lake County Bar Journal on this topic. I can explain these consequences and outline a plan of action that most defense attorneys are not aware of in either state.

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I’m an Illinois Driver with a Speeding Ticket in Wisconsin, what are the consequences? An Illinois and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney outlines the advantages of hiring a lawyer to represent you on a speeding ticket in Dane County, Madison, Kenosha, Racine, Lake Geneva and other cities in Wisconsin

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It is unfortunate that many drivers in Illinois choose the quick and easy way out when it comes to speeding tickets they received in Wisconsin. The costs of an out of state conviction can multiply fast down the road. The consequences include potential suspension of driving privileges in Illinois, increased insurance premiums and further expenses involving the reinstatement of an Illinois driver’s license. Often times people have received bad advice or simply don’t know the law in Illinois regarding out of state convictions. Let’s explore the issues and consequences further.


In Illinois, if a driver receives three convictions for any moving violations in a twelve month period, their license will be suspended in Illinois. Illinois law provides that a driver is eligible for court supervision twice within a twelve month period as well. Court supervision does not count as a conviction and will not cause a suspension of driving privileges. In essence you can get two supervisions and still have convictions to spare if the tickets are far enough apart and the prosecutors and judges are willing to grant the two supervisions without imposing a conviction. The imposition of court supervision also serves to reduce the risk of increased insurance premiums as these citations are not generally reported to insurance companies. Illinois traffic laws allow for momentary lapses in judgment with regard to speeding but for Illinois drivers who get ticketed in Wisconsin, the law may not be so forgiving.


Unlike the Illinois system, Wisconsin law does not recognize the concept of court supervision and thus EVERY disposition of a speeding ticket is a conviction when a guilty or no contest plea is entered. The imposition of a conviction against someones driving record most commonly occurs when an Illinois driver gets a Wisconsin speeding ticket and then just sends in payment. Once the ticket is paid the conviction is entered and then reported to Illinois where it becomes part of the driver’s record with the Secretary of State, unlike a Supervision disposition. Insurance companies will also be made aware of the conviction and increased premiums could result that stay in place for years, penalizing an Illinois Driver with added expense for years to come that all could have been avoided.


Although Court Supervision is not an option in Wisconsin there is still hope for complete relief for Illinois Drivers. Generally speaking, with proper representation most Wisconsin State and Municipal prosecutors are willing to reduce a speeding charge to a non moving violation when appropriate. The end result is that an Illinois Driver can pay a modified ticket in Wisconsin that will have no impact on their Illinois License. Once you have retained Richard Albanese you will not have to appear in court to contest your ticket, which saves not only a long trip back to Wisconsin from Illinois, but also saves time and the expense of having to take a day off work to appear on a citation. Please feel free to contact the Richard Albanese Law Office today at 312-882-1973 or at or at for a free consultation on your speeding ticket in Kenosha, Racine, Dane County, Lake Geneva, and any other city in Wisconsin.