The Legal and Financial Consequences of a DUI in Illinois or an OWI in Wisconsin Explained by an Illinois and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney


DUI and OWI laws are complicated and ever changing and as a result there a person being charged with these offense may feel confused and overwhelmed. The purpose of this blog is to arm potential clients with reliable information from the Illinois Secretary of State and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Any attorney you consider hiring should already be familiar with these laws and procedures, and hiring an attorney should not be done hastily. Research attorneys at, an independent website that evaluates all attorneys in a manner similar to how YELP may review restaurants or other businesses.

As a former prosecutor I have expertly prosecuted thousands of DUI cases and am able to evaluate any case I am presented and quickly determine the best course of action for a client in Illinois or Wisconsin. Sometimes that advice is to go to trial and fight a case and other times a negotiated plea may be the best option, but rest assured my clients make educated and informed decisions about their cases as I treat each case with the time and attention it deserves.  I leave no questions unanswered. Additionally, for an Illinois driver the consequences of a Wisconsin OWI conviction can be severe. I am experienced in handling cases in both states and have been published in the Lake County Bar Journal on this topic. I can explain these consequences and outline a plan of action that most defense attorneys are not aware of in either state.

Please call today for a free consultation on your DUI or OWI case. The Richard Albanese Law Office can be reached at (312) 882-1973 or by email at or on the web at

For detailed information on Illinois DUI consequences click here:

For detailed information on Wisconsin OWI consequences click here:


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