An Illinois and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney Answers the Question: I got a Ticket or Misdemeanor or Ordinance Violation after Country Thunder in Wisconsin and live in Illinois What are the Consequences and do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?


The Recent Country Thunder Concert in the Twin Lakes or Genoa City or Kenosha County area of Wisconsin has resulted in a massive number of citations and arrests in Wisconsin for Illinois residents and Wisconsin residents. There have been numerous citations and violations for obstructing justice, underage drinking, underage possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and other violations. If you live in Illinois and got a Wisconsin ticket for underage drinking or any violation please contact the Richard Albanese Law Office Immediately as some of these violations have court dates for as early as next week or a few weeks. Do not pay fines that will result in a permanent conviction on your record as there are other options available to you. Contact the Richard Albanese Law Office immediately for a free consultation at 312-882-1973 or by email at or on the web at

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