I’m an Illinois driver with a Speeding Ticket in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. How can a Criminal and Traffic Defense Attorney licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin help me?


Milwaukee is a great midwest city. It is the home to professional sports teams such as the Bucks and Brewers as well as Marquette University and many excellent theaters and restaurants. The famous Summerfest music festival is well known across the country and Illinois residents and others flock to Milwaukee or find themselves passing through the town en route to other final destinations. It is unfortunate that many drivers in Illinois are cited for speeding through Milwaukee including CDL drivers. Often Illinois and other out of state drivers choose the path of least resistance and impulsively pay the speeding ticket they received in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have received many calls from Illinois drivers that were even told by Wisconsin police to just pay a ticket as if it would have no effect on an out of state license. Although this may be the best advice for Wisconsin drivers it certainly is not the best choice for Illinois Licensed Drivers. The costs of an out of state conviction can multiply fast down the road. The consequences include potential suspension of driving privileges in Illinois, increased insurance premiums and further expenses involving the reinstatement of an Illinois driver’s license. Often times people have received bad advice from friends, family colleagues at work or simply don’t know the law in Illinois regarding out of state convictions. Let’s explore the issues and consequences further.


In Illinois, if a driver receives three convictions for any moving violations in a twelve month period, their license will be suspended in Illinois. Illinois law provides that a driver is eligible for court supervision twice within a twelve month period as well. Court supervision does not count as a conviction and will not cause a suspension of driving privileges. In essence you can get two supervisions and still have convictions to spare if the tickets are far enough apart and the prosecutors and judges are willing to grant the two supervisions without imposing a conviction. The imposition of court supervision also serves to reduce the risk of increased insurance premiums as these citations are not generally reported to insurance companies. Illinois traffic laws allow for momentary lapses in judgment with regard to speeding but for Illinois drivers who get ticketed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin or other nearby towns, the law may not be so forgiving.


Unlike the Illinois system, Wisconsin law does not recognize the concept of court supervision and thus EVERY disposition of a speeding ticket is a conviction when a guilty or no contest plea is entered. The imposition of a conviction against someones driving record most commonly occurs when an Illinois driver gets a speeding ticket in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and then just sends in payment. Once the ticket is paid the conviction is entered and then reported to Illinois where it becomes part of the driver’s record with the Secretary of State, unlike a Supervision disposition. Insurance companies will also be made aware of the conviction and increased premiums could result that stay in place for years, penalizing an Illinois Driver with added expense for years to come that all could have been avoided.


Although Court Supervision is not an option in Milwaukee, Wisconsin there is still hope for complete relief for Illinois Drivers. Generally speaking, with proper representation most Wisconsin State and Municipal prosecutors are willing to amend a speeding charge to a non moving violation when appropriate for respectful drivers with a otherwise clean record. The end result is that an Illinois Driver can pay a modified or amended ticket in Wisconsin that will have no impact on their Illinois License. Once you have retained Richard Albanese you will likely not have to appear in court to contest your ticket, which saves not only a long trip back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Illinois, but also saves time and the expense of having to take a day off work to appear on a citation. Please feel free to contact the Richard Albanese Law Office today at 312-882-1973 or at http://www.criminalandtrafficdefenseattorney.com or atRichardAlbaneseLawOffice@gmail.com for a free consultation on your speeding ticket in Kenosha, Racine, Dane County, Lake Geneva, and any other city in Wisconsin.


I got a speeding ticket in Lake County, Illinois and went to court and the cop wasn’t there, so why wasn’t my ticket thrown out? A Lake County Criminal Defense Attorney explains how speeding tickets and other traffic citations are handled in Lake County (including Park City, Mundelein and Round Lake Beach)


Many people have heard rumors or experienced firsthand that appearing in court for a speeding ticket can often result in the dismissal of the ticket if the officer who wrote the citation is not in court that day for whatever reason. In Cook County, Illinois, where there may be over a couple thousand tickets on the court docket each day that is often the case and people commonly get their tickets thrown out if an officer fails to appear on the first court date. Many people may be surprised to learn that this is not the case in Lake County, Illinois and may find themselves missing more time away from work to attend court and spending more money  and effort handling a speeding ticket than if they hired a competent traffic attorney to appear for them. I will first outline the Lake County system for handling traffic matters and then explain why hiring an attorney may be the best option for those looking to negotiate or contest a traffic violation.


The three main branch courts in Lake County, Illinois are located in Park City, Mundelein and Round Lake Beach. All petty offense traffic tickets along with some misdemeanors such as Aggravated Speeding (30-40 mph over the limit) and driving with a suspended or no driver’s license are heard in these branch courts. Unlike some other court systems the initial court appearance is not considered a trial date, but rather an initial status date at which time a person can appear and plead guilty or not guilty to an offense and a police officer’s presence in court is not required. If a person pleads not guilty then the  case is set for trial and the police officer will be notified by the prosecutor of the future trial date. The person will have to appear again in court a second time and if the officer is not in court when the matter is set for trial the ticket may be dismissed, but this dismissal is not automatic. If you are charged with the misdemeanor traffic offenses a Prosecutor has 180 days from the date of a trial demand to proceed with a case under Illinois law. Judges and prosecutors are generally not inclined to dismiss Aggravated Speeding tickets or Suspended License matters because an officer missed one court date. No matter what type of ticket you have in Lake County you can spend alot of time trying to resolve a traffic ticket and miss several days of work and also spend quite a bit of time waiting in court as other cases are being called as well. Thankfully, there is a solution balanced to protect your rights but not sacrifice your job and personal time and sanity in the process.


Here at the Richard Albanese Law Office we have a simple plan and goal for your Lake County traffic matters: Minimize the stress to the client and maximize the best potential outcome for each case. This is a realistic goal in every case as Richard has handled literally thousands of these matters combined as a Former Prosecutor for over a decade and now as your defense attorney. Sometimes the best outcome may require going to trial on a case, or working out a favorable disposition with the Prosecutor, or getting the minor case thrown out completely when an officer does not show up for a trial on a petty offense. Often on petty speeding tickets or other minor traffic violations an attorney can appear with an authorization to represent form without the client having to come to court at all. This method obviously saves the client the time and financial benefit of not having to miss work only to appear in court for potentially several hours only to learn another appearance is necessary in the matter. Additionally, If a person sets a case for trial in Lake County, goes to court twice and the officer appears, then what? Most citizens are not trained in methods of cross examination and are no match for the experienced police officer’s testimony in court. With increased insurance premiums and a potential loss of driving privileges at stake doesn’t it make sense to have a Professional on your side? Please call the Richard Albanese Law office for a free phone consultation on your traffic matter in Lake County, Park City, Mundelein, Round Lake Beach, or anywhere else in Illinois and Wisconsin. The Richard Albanese Law Office can be reached at 312-882-1973 or found on the web at http://www.criminalandtrafficdefenseattorney.com or by email at RichardAlbaneseLawOffice@gmail.com

An experienced Criminal Defense Attorney explains how your Speeding Ticket affects your Car Insurance Rates in Illinois or Wisconsin.


This question is often the main focus and reason for an everyday citizen to hire an experienced traffic attorney to handle their case. The reason is obvious. Paying an attorney to properly handle one ticket can potentially save a client from long lasting increased insurance premiums that may result from a ticket on the person’s record. The specific answer to the question of how a speeding ticket may affect a client’s insurance rates has to be initially answered, “It depends.” The reason being is every client is different and thus has different factors to consider such as geography, prior traffic history, age, sex, type of car, how fast the ticket alleges the driver to be going, etc. A qualified traffic attorney cannot quote what every policy carrier might increase a rate to as that information varies with insurance companies and a client’s history, but a qualified attorney should be able to assess the severity of a ticket and how to minimize potential rate increases by disposing of the traffic ticket in a manner  that is most favorable to the client’s interests. If you have a traffic or speeding ticket of any kind in Illinois or Wisconsin call the Richard Albanese Law Office today for a free consultation on how best to proceed with your case and to keep your insurance rates as low as possible. You can reach the Richard Albanese Law Office at (312) 882-1973 or at RichardAlbaneseLawOffice@gmail.com or at http://www.criminalandtrafficdefenseattorney.com.

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You were involved in a minor or major traffic accident and got a ticket from the police, do you need a lawyer to represent you? An Illinois and Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney explains liability issues that can arise in traffic accident cases


Its a rainy night as you head home from work, the road is a bit slick and you are in a hurry to get home after a long day. You slam on the brakes, but its too late, your car skids and hits the car in front of you that suddenly stopped. You get out and call the police, exchange insurance information and everyone seems fine at the time. After listening to both drivers explain what happened you get a ticket for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Now what? Do you need a Lawyer?

The above scenario happens all the time on the roads of Illinois and Wisconsin to drivers of all walks of life. Sending in a payment for the ticket in the mail may seem like the thing to do at the time as it is a cheaper option than hiring an attorney, but is it really the best way to go?  I would suggest no it is not the best way to go and you should consult with an experienced traffic attorney upon receiving the ticket. Failing to do can expose you to civil liability for causing injuries to someone you didn’t even know was hurt. Often times a civil lawsuit for personal injuries follows a traffic accident. Sometimes these matters are dealt with by insurance companies but other times a driver may have personal liability for an accident beyond the policy limits if they are responsible for causing the accident that resulted in the injuries. When a person pleads guilty to a traffic ticket or sends the ticket in admitting guilt they are making a legal admission of fault that can be introduced at a civil proceeding later on down the road. There is often alot at stake in these cases and a misstep in traffic court can result in bigger issues in the civil case.

An experienced Traffic Lawyer like Richard Albanese will take the case to court and generally advise the client that a trial may be the best option instead of pleading guilty. Often just going to court with an attorney will result in the charge being dismissed if the other party does not show up to court after the case is set for trial. If insurance companies have resolved the damages ahead of time it is not uncommon for the complaining witness to not show up in court. Often the person who was hit does show up to court along with their civil attorney. This persons interests are being looked after, shouldn’t yours be too? At trial the worst thing that may happen is you are found guilty by a judge or jury and are made to pay a fine, but being found guilty after a trial does not harm you the way a plea or admission of guilt does.

Remember, if you get in an accident and you get the ticket in Illinois or Wisconsin please contact the Richard Albanese Law Office for more information on your case today at (312) 882-1973 or at http://www.criminalandtrafficdefenseattorney.com

Lake County Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Albanese and a Guide to Lake County Speeding Tickets or Traffic Tickets


Pictured above: Park City Branch Court – Lake County Illinois

Lake County, Illinois is different than other jurisdictions in some ways when it comes to handling speeding and traffic tickets. In Lake County there are three branch courts that handle all minor traffic matters including speeding tickets, suspended licenses, traffic accident tickets and other traffic matters. These branch courts have only one or two courtrooms each, but feature large, ample seating for the often heavy court calls, and free parking is also available at each location. The three branch courts are located in Mundelein, Park City, and Round Lake Beach respectively. Cases are assigned geographically to each of these courts based on where the offense took place. The cases at each location are handled by Assistant State’s Attorney’s from Lake County as well as Village Prosecutors that vary from town to town. A scan of the ticket should show the location, date and time for the first appearance. Lake County courts run all day with several start times at 9:00am, 10:30am, 1:30pm, and 3:00pm. Depending on the day you may spend quite a long time in court if you don’ have an attorney. The cases in which people do have an attorney are handled first as the attorneys often have to make other appearances in other locations and then the rest of the case are called. If you want a continuance to hire an attorney tell the judge that and the request will generally be honored one or twice, until you retain an attorney. It is always the best practice to consult with an attorney right from the start though to avoid unnecessary court appearances.

Drivers who may have gone to court before in other counties may have had the experience of getting a case dismissed when they went to court the first time because an officer was not in court to proceed with the case. This is not how things work in Lake County. The first court date after the ticket offers a chance to plea guilty tot he charge but nothing else. The case must be set for trial and the person must return to see if the officer will be present to proceed with the case the next court date.

Often a Lawyer may make court appearances on a client’s behalf with proper authorization and the case may be resolved with the client not having to take time off work, school or family. Each court session also begins with a judge generally informing the crowd that the court costs in Lake County can often exceed the fine imposed by 2-3 times. To minimize the financial costs of speeding tickets and other offenses it is often wise to retain an attorney to give you a voice in court. A premature plea of guilty or sending in money to pay a ticket in the mail can often have unseen disastrous results, depending on the offense and priors, such as the loss of driving privileges, increased insurance premiums or other unnecessary increased financial burdens. A lawyer is essential for misdemeanor traffic offenses such as speeding 30 miles or more over the speed limit, passing a school bus or school zone violations, suspended license or accident cases that may have additional consequences of civil liability. The misdemeanor traffic offense will result in a criminal record in addition to the fines and costs but can often be amended or mitigated by the negotiations of a skilled traffic attorney. Call the Richard Albanese Law Office today at 312-882-1973 or visit our office on the Web at http://www.criminalandtrafficdefenseattorney.com for a free consultation on your speeding ticket in Lake County or elsewhere.

One Lawyer, Two States and a Promise of Exceptional Representation in Illinois and Wisconsin.


People often ask me: Richard, Why do you practice law in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois? 

There are always two important parts to my answer: The first deals with geography and the second has to do with my knowledge of laws that have interstate ramifications. As to the first point concerning geography I am perfectly situated for interstate representation with an office near the shores of Lake Michigan in Waukegan, Illinois. I can travel directly to many Wisconsin courthouses in less than an hour and represent client interests across Cook County, Lake County, Wisconsin and other areas as well. 

The second reason I mentioned is the ramifications of interstate laws. In representing non-residents in Illinois or Wisconsin a working knowledge of the interplay of laws is indispensable. A good lawyer knows the consequences an offense may have in the defendant’s home state as well as the state of the offense. This knowledge often comes to play a huge role in the decisions for drivers charged with OWI or DUI offenses as well as speeding tickets and other traffic violations. The wrong lawyer from either state giving the wrong advice or incomplete information can have severe consequences such as increased insurance premiums, revocation of driving privileges and other penalties that may have been avoidable by consulting a lawyer familiar with both states laws and how they interact.

Call the Richard Albanese Law Office today at (312) 882-1973 for a free consultation and to learn more about the consequences you may be facing on your Illinois or Wisconsin case and make an informed decision about how to proceed.