One Lawyer, Two States and a Promise of Exceptional Representation in Illinois and Wisconsin.


People often ask me: Richard, Why do you practice law in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois? 

There are always two important parts to my answer: The first deals with geography and the second has to do with my knowledge of laws that have interstate ramifications. As to the first point concerning geography I am perfectly situated for interstate representation with an office near the shores of Lake Michigan in Waukegan, Illinois. I can travel directly to many Wisconsin courthouses in less than an hour and represent client interests across Cook County, Lake County, Wisconsin and other areas as well. 

The second reason I mentioned is the ramifications of interstate laws. In representing non-residents in Illinois or Wisconsin a working knowledge of the interplay of laws is indispensable. A good lawyer knows the consequences an offense may have in the defendant’s home state as well as the state of the offense. This knowledge often comes to play a huge role in the decisions for drivers charged with OWI or DUI offenses as well as speeding tickets and other traffic violations. The wrong lawyer from either state giving the wrong advice or incomplete information can have severe consequences such as increased insurance premiums, revocation of driving privileges and other penalties that may have been avoidable by consulting a lawyer familiar with both states laws and how they interact.

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